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Poxet 60 mg is a potent medication that is used to treat Premature Ejaculation (PE) among males. It is a supplement to Dapoxetine which increases the serotonin activity within the brain. The issue of Premature Ejaculation causes it to be difficult for a person to get control over his ejaculation. Consequently, the ejaculation rate is higher than anticipated. This medication delays the procedure of ejaculation for 5-7 minutes.

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Brand Priligy
Manufacturers Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.(India)
Generic Name Dapoxetine
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days

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What is Poxet 60 mg?

The tablet of Poxet 60 mg is a drug used for the treatment of premature ejaculation. It’s made up of Dapoxetine. It is part of the selective serotonin receptor inhibitor (SSRI) drug class. It boosts the amount of a chemical messenger within the body.

This improves control over ejaculation as well as the duration of the ejaculation. Ejaculation that is premature is a typical male sexual disorder that is often linked with psychological problems that are personal to the person.

Dapoxetine is the main ingredient of this drug and is the only FDA-approved medication to treat premature ejaculation. Research has shown that it improves the control of the time taken to ejaculate.

It also decreases the stress and anxiety that are common with this type of condition. This medication is only suitable for males. It is recommended to only take this medicine when you have been diagnosed correctly with premature ejaculation.

Don’t take it before having your diagnosis confirmed or consulting your physician. Poxet 60 mg uses are recommended to take it at least two hours prior to sexual contact or exactly as directed by your doctor.

It should not be taken more than twice a day, and at least once a day. It doesn’t cause dependence issues or withdrawal symptoms.

What is it and how does it work?

Poxet 60 mg tablet is a combination of the drug dapoxetine. This is a selective serotonin receptor inhibitor (SSRI) medication.

Poxet is a drug that increases serotonin levels inside the nervous system. This tablet leads to an increase in the time needed to ejaculate. However, it can also help control the ejaculation process. It also assists in decreasing anxiety and frustration and creating a calm result.

Utilization of the Poxet 60

It is recommended to treat the following issues:

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the condition that causes the person loses control over his ejaculation, causing him to be more ejaculated than he or his partner would like him to be in sexual interactions.

The side effects of Poxet 60 mg

If there are any of the following side effects following the tablet with 60 mg of Poxet immediately contact a physician and seek medical attention.

  • Drool
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • blurry vision
  • Dizziness
  • A decrease in the amount of libido
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • More sweating
  • Hypertension
  • irregular heartbeat
  • dry mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Unrest
  • Tremor

Instructions for Utilization of Poxet 60 mg

  • Utilize the Poxet 60 mg tablet exactly as your doctor has prescribed them to you.
  • Do not exceed the dose.
  • Do not chew or break the tablet.
  • Drink it all in one go and drink an ice-cold glass, shortly after opening it.
  • You should take the tablet an hour prior to having a sexual encounter or exactly as your doctor recommends.

Dosage of Poxet 60 mg


The 60 mg tablet of Poxet overdose could cause serotonin-mediated reactions, such as digestive disturbances like nausea or vomiting as well as somnolence as well as tachycardia, tremors, dizziness, and agitation.

If you experience symptoms of an overdose, talk to your physician and seek medical assistance.

Missed dose

The dosage and duration of the 60 mg tablet aren’t set. If you’re taking these tablets to treat premature ejaculation, not taking a dose is very unlikely since they are utilized when it is needed.


Consult your physician If you are concerned.

  • Don’t use the 60 mg tablet of Poxet in the event that you haven’t been diagnosed with premature ejaculation by your physician.
  • Don’t take the tablet Poxet 60 mg in the event that you are younger than 18 years old.
  • Be aware of your blood pressure since this could cause hypotension or low blood pressure.
  • If you’re older than 65, talk to your doctor prior to taking this medication.
  • Inform your physician if you are taking any herbal medicine or supplements for premature ejaculation.

What is the best time to not be employed?

  • Do not take Poxet-60 tablets in the event that you:
  • Are sensitive to dapoxetine or any of the ingredients in Poxet-60.
  • Suffer from severe kidney or liver disease.
  • Are suffering from a heart problem or heart failure
  • Are you suffering from a bleeding disorder?
  • If you have an underlying history of orthostatic hypertension (dizziness while standing) without consulting your physician
  • Suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia, as well as unstable epilepsy.
  • If you are taking any monoamine oxidase inhibitor medication as they could cause serious reactions if they are taken together with Poxet-60 within 14 days

Disposal and storage of Poxet 60 mg

The Poxet 60 mg tablets are inside a dry area at the temperature of the room. Don’t expose the tablet to water or hot surfaces. Be sure to dispose of the medication after use of the expiration or use date. Recycle it when the packaging is damaged prior to use.

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What if I want to stop using the tablet with 60 mg of Poxet anytime I’d like?

The 60 mg tablet is only taken when it is needed. It will assist you to manage ejaculation when you use it. If you stop the medication and then the problem may recur. Ask your doctor for advice if you are looking to quit using it.

What is the time it will take to notice any effects of the 60 mg tablets?

The 60 mg tablet can be effective with just one dose. Take the medication as directed by your doctor, or at least 1-3 hours prior to having sexual contact to evaluate the effectiveness of this medication.

Do I need to consume Poxet 60 mg per day?

This medication is taken daily and when it is needed. It is suggested to take this pill for 1-3 hours prior to sexual activity. You shouldn’t take more than one pill within 24 hours. If you’re not engaging in sexual activities after every 24 hours, you shouldn’t take this medication every day.

How do you make Poxet belasting?

Poxet is quickly in the bloodstream after oral administration. The plasma levels at their highest can be reached within about 1 hour following the time a single capsule of the 60-milligram dosage is consumed. It is eliminated quickly after the initial period duration of 1.5 hours.

It has a final half-life of 22 hours, and that is why it is perfect for dosing on demand. Poxet reduces the chance of undesirable side effects and provides an effective remedy to prevent premature ejaculation.

How should Poxet 60 be treated?

This medication is intended to consume orally in conjunction with water. It is best to take it 3 hours prior to any sexual activity, with or without food.

Do I have to use this medicine while drinking alcohol?

Alcohol has been known to affect Poxet 60 mg, which can increase the risk of experiencing adverse effects. Avoid drinking alcohol with this medication.


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