Filagra Double 200mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

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Fildena Double 200mg medication formula is the most powerful Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg (Black Sildenafil) powered medicine. This is the Sildenafil citrate 200mg solution is to treat extremely severe Erectile Dysfunction issues in men.

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Brand Filagra Double
Manufacturers Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 10 Tablets In 1 Strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days

Available Pack Size For Filagra Double 200


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Filagra Double 200mg. It is a medication that can be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Modest dosage Filagra 100 is composed of Sildenafil Citrate. This moderate dose impotence treatment pill is well-known for treating moderate impotence conditions, including Erectile Dysfunction.

The best results can be achieved by taking the ED medication at the right dosage.

Filagra Double 200mg contains Sildenafil citrate, its active pharmaceutical ingredient. It comes in pink-colored coated tablets.

The parent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate 50mg is found in the ED treatment medicine Filagra 50.

It is well-known for sensational results by increasing blood flow after removing some arterial blockages in the penile area. This penile action mechanism can be used to help men get rid of impotence and have healthy intercourse.

What is Filagra Double 200mg?

Filagra Double 200mg is a medication that can temporarily cause hardness in your penis.

This pill can temporarily make you hard. Filagra Double 200mg can take up to 6 hours before you feel the effects.

This pill contains the generic ingredient generic Sildenafil Citrate. It is the highest dosage. Ask your doctor if you are able to sustain 200 mg of generic Sildenafil. This is only a dosage that is prescribed for patients suffering from severe ED.

Filagra Double 200mg

Filagra Double 200mg is an oral medication that treats male sexual problems such as impotence and penile dysfunction.

Men with ED may experience erections that are rapid and difficult to maintain.

The effects of Sildenafil will eventually be felt in the penis by the use of Filagra Double 200mg.

Manufacturer of Filagra Double 200mg

Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in India’s domestic markets. It also has a large user base abroad for its many medicine brands. Filagra Double, a brand belonging to the company, is listed in the ED pill section.

The company can generate a large demand for this generic Sildenafil ED Pill variant by having a strong marketing presence, as well as a network of distributors or wholesalers.

It is significantly cheaper than generic Sildenafil, and Viagra, and is therefore preferred by ED patients.

Filagra Double 200mg Strength and Dosage

As you already know, the Filagra Double 200mg dose contains 200 mg generic Sildenafil. This name was chosen because of the fact that each pill contains twice the standard 100 mg dose of generic Sildenafil.

Filagra Double 200mg

Your poor erections can be treated with generic salt Sildenafil, but this is temporary. Filagra is not a permanent cure for your erections.

Pills can provide you with enough action for 6 hours, during which time you can have hardened erections at any time.

To give Sildenafil enough time to provide the desired hardness in your erections, it is recommended that you take the pill between 30 and 45 minutes before going out.

Pills can be taken anytime during the day, before or after you have eaten your daily meals. Remember to keep a minimum of 24 hours between each dose.

How to Take Filagra Double 200mg

Orally take your Filagra daily pill by mouth. Take the tablet with a glass of water.

Below is the contraindication section. We have listed alcohol as one of the highly reactive drugs with generic Sildenafil.

How Filagra Double 200mg works

Once you’ve taken your daily pill, and around 30 minutes have passed, you will be able to see visual clues that your penis is hardened.

Soon after Sildenafil stops working with the PDE-5 hormones, this happens. This causes another hormone, the cGMP hormone, to secrete and its concentration to rise.

This can cause vasodilation in the arteries due to nitric oxygen if it exceeds a threshold.

The penis tissue’s blood flow increases, causing the penis tissue to become more sensitive and thereby allowing for erections.


Each Filagra Double 200mg tablet contains exactly 200 mg of generic Sildenafil.

This dose is not recommended for use as a starting dose. This is a recommended dose for severe ED cases only.

Other Dosage

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What will be the duration of Filagra Double 200mg?

Your doctor must confirm the timeline for your treatment of ED with Filagra Double 200mg. Your doctor will likely assess your general adaptability and severity of your ED. However, this may change at any moment.

Filagra Double 200mg missed

If you forget to take your daily Filagra Double 200mg, it may still be possible for you to get the next dose if you wait more than 10 hours.

In cases where you have less time, it is best to reduce your dose and not double the next one. The next dose should be the same as your regular dose.

Filagra Double 200mg Contradiction

Generic Sildenafil can have side effects when taken with alcohol, drugs, or grape juice.

The medicinal category, on the other hand, includes-

  • Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal medications
  • Alpha-blocker Pills
  • All blood pressure-lowering pills
  • Other drugs that prevent premature ejaculation or ED

When to stop taking Filagra Double 200mg

Here are some reasons to avoid Filagra and look for other ED medications.

  • If you have severe allergies to generic Sildenafil, which is the generic ingredient in the pills
  • If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and regularly consume large quantities of them, it is called a high-addictive state.
  • you can’t stop taking your contraindicating medication every day, you may be undergoing severe disease treatment.

Side effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Blurred vision
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Blood pressure drops irregularly
  • Fainting
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Tremors
  • Palpitations

Filagra doubles the danger of overdosing 200mg

This is the maximum dose of the Filagra Double brand. You can feel the severity of the effects if you take too much.

Avoid overdose by being alert and checking the medicine back cover before you take your daily medication.

What warnings and precautions are there for Filagra Double 200 mg?


Men can have strokes or minor strokes in their past (transient Ischemic Attacks).

History of vision misfortune caused by blood course obstruction

Assuming that you have severe (kidney) liver disease.

Sildenafil Citrate Combination tablets 200 mg should be taken with caution. These powerful pills can cause serious side effects if taken in excess.

Do not take any other prescriptions for ED with this medication. Mixing this medicine with other prescriptions for ED can lead to unintended natural effects.


If you are taking prescriptions or have any other conditions, your primary care doctor should know about your medical history.

Take Filagra with caution.

If you have kidney or liver problems, Filagra 100mg should be avoided.

Also, test for hypertension.

Filagra tablets should not be taken more than once or twice daily.


Can Filagra be Consumed on as and when required basis?

Yes, Filagra can be taken on as and when required basis but only a single dose should be consumed in a day.

Can Filagra be taken with meals?

Yes, Filagra can be taken with meals provided the meals are not rich with high-fat content as high-fat content in the meals reduces its effect.

Should a patient with BP more than 130MMHG take viagra for treatment of FSAD?

Filagra should not be used to treat FSAD. It could worsen the patient’s high BP.

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