Malegra 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate 100mg)

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What is Malegra 100 mg and how does it work? Malegra 100 mg is a well-known impotence medication that might help you overcome your ED problem. Don’t be discouraged if you’re trying to figure out how to receive the best ED treatment and are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges in your social marital life.

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Brand Sildenafil Tablets
Manufacturers Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd (india)
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days

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Malegra 100 MG is a prescription medication available online. This medication is also helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonic hypertension.

Furthermore, a person with erectile dysfunction has trouble getting an erection even after appropriate arousal or loses firmness too rapidly. Impotence is the health term for this disorder.

This is a problem that affects men of all ages and from all over the world.

Incapability can also be cause by bad eating habits, addiction, stress, drug usage, smoking, and other factors. But, Malegra 100mg is an effective treatment for the sickness.

By far, everybody who has taken the medication has noticed a change in their sexual lives. Furthermore, numerous of them have prospered in removing it.

Malegra, on the other hand, is distinguished by its quick response time. As a result, it works directly on the source location while leaving other body processes unaffected.

Furthermore, this company is WHO and GMP verified, as well as government-accredited with an A+ rating. In addition, you may acquire a variety of erectile dysfunction medications in one place, including Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and many others.

Sunrise Remedies is also a one-stop-shop for sexual wellness. The company produces medicines in a variety of strengths and dosages for customers all around the world.

What is Malegra 100, and how does it work?

Malegra 100mg is a generic medication used to treat male erectile dysfunction (ED).

The medication allows males to have erections by increasing blood flow in the penis.

Malegra 100 mg Erectile dysfunction is a big concern for men these days, and falling flat is not healthy.

You won’t be able to get rid of this sexual ailment unless you take a drug that dilates your blood vessels.

The most prevalent reasons of erectile dysfunction in the primary age include psychological trauma, stress, prostate gland disorders, and diabetes.

If you don’t conceive of it as a hormonal change, it will induce arousal and aphrodisiac effects. Because of the nice bedtime effect, users are encouraged to use it every day.

What are the effects of Malegra 100mg (Generic Sildenafil)?

PDE-5 hormones will be inhibited as soon as generic Sildenafil becomes available. When the PDE-5 hormones are repressed, the cGMP hormone is unseen, which reasons the nitric oxide vasodilation course to take residence.

The tissues of the nerves relax as soon as the vasodilation process begins, and more blood begins to flow through them.

You can get firm erections with stimulation now that there is more blood in the penis tissues.

How should Malegra 100 mg be used?

Malegra 100 tablets is a new erectile dysfunction medication on the market that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction more effectively and consistently.

Malegra 200mg pills now have a higher active component level, resulting in a more prolonged and consistent induced erection. This medication works for 3 to 4 hours after it is taken.

Malegra 100 mg Pill’s active ingredients do not appear to be appropriate for treating highly infected illnesses like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

This medicine should only be used under the guidance of a doctor. As a result, you must inform your doctor of your entire medical history, and they will advise you to use it in the traditional manner.

Side Effects

Every medicine on the market has some negative side effects. Malegra 100, like other medications, has negative effects.

Meanwhile, ED-infected males experience adverse effects as a result of their ignorance, carelessness, or indifference. The following are some of the possible negative effects of using Malegra 100mg.

  • Lightheadedness
  • Headache
  • Insomnia Sleeplessness Indigestion
  • An erection that hurts
  • Urine with blood
  • Numbness
  • The sensation of being on fire
  • Sensitivity of the eyes

If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, wait for a little because many of the adverse effects are just transient and disappear within a few hours. However, if the problem persists, get medical advice from a licensed professional.

Warnings and precautions?

Malegra 100 mg Pill Before Use As we’ve mentioned, avoid using any anti-inflammatory medications.

What should you stay away from while using Malegra 100 mg?

It’s best if you don’t eat anything substantial before taking this medication. The activity time for traditional Sildenafil will simply rise as a result of eating a substantial meal.

When it’s not a good idea to take Malegra 100 mg tablets (Sildenafil Citrate) If you have ever had a heart, liver, kidney, or nerve disease, do not take a Malegra 100 mg (Sildenafil) traditional prescription. Obtain a professional’s opinion to determine the validity of your options.

If You Have Any Questions, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Doctor.

Any of the organs listed above has a problem.

What happens if you forget to take a dose or take too much?


When you take too much Sildenafil, it can have serious side effects. When you use the pills in the right amounts, they will produce the best results.

The specialist will most likely allow you to take a significant percentage of Malegra 100, depending on the severity of your ED and your previous clinical history.

Dose Missed

When you skip a dose of Malegra 100, your blood levels of Sildenafil Citrate become imbalanced, potentially reducing the medication’s viability.

The most effective method of use is to take a pill at any time of day, such as the Malegra 100, at roughly the same time every day.

Other Doses of Malegra:

Malegra 200 | Malegra 25Malegra 50

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When using sildenafil, is it safe to drink alcohol?

Malegra 100 Sildenafil will continue to work even if you drink a beer or a few glasses of wine. If you drink too much alcohol, getting an erection will be tough.

Sildenafil works best when combined with a low-calorie diet.

What is the recommended Sildenafil dosage?

Your doctor will recommend the Malegra 100 dosage that is most effective for you.

Malegra 50 mg is an effective and recommended dosage for most men. Depending on your efficacy and tolerance, you may increase or decrease the dosage to 100 mg.

Is it a product that can be help safely?

Yes. Only take Malegra 100mg if your doctor has prescribed it.

Is Malegra 100 mg safe for women and children as well?

No. The health of mothers and children is jeopardise if this medicine is use at all. As a result, it’s guide to keep the medicine away from them.

Is it OK to take Malegra 100 mg first thing in the morning?

Unquestionably. It’s much better if you take it first thing in the morning. It is possible that taking the medicine after eating will cause it to take longer to work.

How long does it take Malegra 100 mg to start working?

Malegra 100 mg should be taken around one hour prior to sexual activity. You can take it 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity if necessary.

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