5 Ways to increase the number of sperm naturally

While Dad’s unlikely to carry the child His health, particularly the health of his sperm is a major factor in the likelihood of you becoming pregnant.

If your child has an insufficient number of sperm lowers the chance for one of the swimming swimmers to fertilize your eggs. A low sperm count indicates that the quantity of sperm present in his sperm is less than normal.

The normal sperm count ranges from anywhere from 15 million to over 200 million sperm per milliliter of semen. If a man’s sperm count is lower than 15million, this is thought to be a low sperm count.

Other crucial components of a semen study are motility (i.e. the proportion of sperm that move and how they’re moving) and Morphology (aka the study of the shape of sperm).

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What is the reason for the low number of sperm?

Sometimes, the cause of low sperm count is not known. However, some possibilities include:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • The testicles may be injured by trauma (e.g. sporting injuries)
  • Testicles that were not descending (even those that were fixed earlier)
  • A varicocele (an enlargement of veins of the scrotum like varicose veins, which can be seen in legs)
  • Orchitis (inflammation of the testicles (usually one or both) often caused by an infection)
  • Certain sexually transmitted infections
  • Ejaculation difficulty
  • Certain medications are prescribed
  • Prior surgeries
  • The environmental causes include exposure to harmful chemicals or radiation
  • Lifestyle-connected issues, such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using medications, and weight gain

Affects and signs of low Sperm count

Apart from infertility, there might be no other indications of a low sperm count in men. Some men could suffer from the following signs that indicate low levels of sperm

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Problems in maintaining or getting a sexual erection?
  • A reduction in the amount of body or facial hair (which could be a sign of a chromosomal or hormonal imbalance or an abnormality)
  • A swelling, pain, or lump that is located around or in the testicles

Remember that these symptoms don’t count as a diagnosis from medical professionals, however, they may be indicative of a potential problem. Speak to your OB/GYN and expert in infertility to be certain.

How can I increase the number of sperm naturally?

The positive side is that a lower sperm count doesn’t necessarily suggest that men are infertile.

Additionally, there are methods he can take to increase the number of sperm he has and increase the odds of you two achieving your goal of having a baby. Utilize these strategies to boost the number of sperm in your body naturally:

1. Get healthy, nutritious food

The nutritional needs of mothers aren’t just the only ones likely to be impacted by the birthing process. men also require food items that boost fertility as well.

The research shows that dads are in need of plenty of vitamin C as well as E as well as zinc and folic acid, which are found mostly in natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as well as lean protein.

Nuts and other antioxidant-rich foods like walnuts (and vegetables and fruits) have been proven to improve the quality of sperm.

Additionally, deficiencies in nutrients C, D, E zinc, selenium folate as well as healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, can affect sperm production as well as quality.

On the other hand, the coin is that certain foods can be harmful to semen. Consuming a diet with a high content of saturated fats (think food items that are fried and processed or fatty meats and baked goods) could affect the quality of semen.

There is some evidence that suggests an excessive intake of soy-based foods is associated with lower levels of sperm.

To ensure that your swimmer is the best ensure that your man has a healthy, balanced diet and is taking daily multivitamins. If the old saying is true that the best way to get men’s hearts can be found in the stomach of a man, a few nutritious home cooking could aid in cooking the food in the bedroom!

2. Reduce stress

Stress can affect the production of the sperm (not to mention that it makes sexual sex less enjoyable or even non-existent), and aid your man to relax.

Be sure to ensure that he gets adequate sleep and regularly exercises (but do not run ultra-marathons because exercising too much has been found to lower testosterone levels and the quality of sperm).

Try various relaxation techniques like the practice of meditation, or even deep breaths to give him an oil massage.

3. Shut off the heating

When you’re trying to get pregnant it is essential that your partner keep his body cool. Steam rooms, saunas, and long, hot baths, as well as spas, could raise the body temperature of your partner for a short time and reduce the quantity and quality of his sperm.

Keep your pet away from the sun (and ensure that your electric blanket is not allowed for the moment too).

4. Quit drinking and smoking

The use of recreational and smoking cigarettes is connected to lower sperm count. Drinking heavily can reduce men’s fertility levels too. Combining these two habits is especially harmful to male fertility.

Additionally, studies have shown that smokers are less sexually driven and have less frequent sexual encounters. Additionally, the use of alcohol and other recreational drugs could influence his performance in the bedroom.

The best choice is to cut down on all of them or, even better eliminate them altogether. (Once you are pregnant, smoking secondhand cigarettes can put the baby and your pregnancy in danger.)

5. Are you having a sexual relationship regularly?

Abstinence can cause the heart to grow fonder (and the desire for a libido increase) however it does nothing to increase your chances of winning on the roulette of conception.

If your guy is cutting down on sexual activity — and has been taking more cold showers in order to build up plenty of sperm in case you require it the most (ovulation time) It’s best to rethink your strategy.

Research on male fertility suggests that when your male has normal sperm counts and you’re in the best position to have the best chance of getting pregnant for the baby if you’re having sexual contact every one to two days.

If your partner has an insufficient sperm count is better off having sexual contact every two days, rather than doing it only every two weeks.

Abstinence that is prolonged does not have a positive impact on conception, but it can reduce the chances of a couple getting pregnant even for men who have low fertility levels.

What is the reason?

Although abstinence can increase the amount of sperm (a positive thing since there are more boys willing to embark on the journey) the longer you stay abstinence for one day reduces the mobility of sperm and appearance (a problem since there are fewer boys who are capable of making it to the end of the road).

On the other hand, doing the wrong thing (say more than every day) will not increase your chances of winning the lottery for babies. This is because having a sperm count more than three times a day isn’t enough time for him to replenish his sperm and you’ll require an adequate supply each time you do work!

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