The Best Methods to Improve the flow of blood into your Penis

The Best Methods to Improve the flow of blood into your Penis

According to research from research conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, about 40% of men flow of blood suffer from Erectile dysfunction after the age of 40. This makes the difficulty of having an erection much greater than people believe.

In terms of physiology healthy erections, as well as a healthy sexual life, generally are focused on the flow of blood. If blood can effortlessly flow to the erectile tissues of your penis, in the event that there aren’t any other issues and you’re not having any other issues, it’s much easier to experience an erection if you’re sexually stimulated.

In the event of erectile issues, one of the major reasons is the lack of flow of blood to the penis.

Are you having trouble having hard erections in order to delight yourself and those you’re with that could damage your self-esteem and create other stress on your relationship?

If you’re part of this category, don’t lose hope. There are still ways to combat erectile dysfunction and increase the circulation of blood within your body. Sexual life could go back to normal with lifestyle adjustments and treatment for ED.

Whether you’re simply health-conscious or want to reignite your sexual vigor, read on to learn scientifically-backed ways to improve penile blood flow.

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What is the significance of Blood Flow Important?

Why is blood flow so important in erections? Here’s some research.

If you’re stimulated your brain transmits nerve signals that promote vasodilation mediated by nitric oxide of the blood vessels that supply the penis.

The engorgement of blood encourages the expansion and contraction of the tissues of erectile function in the penis. Furthermore, the muscles compress those veins (i.e. the blood leaves the penis) which increases the flow of blood inside the penis.

Your Diet

A study conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study linked healthy lifestyles, such as eating a balanced food regimen, with a decreased chance of developing ED as well as other illnesses that contribute to ED like Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

A diet high in whole grains fruit and vegetables, nuts, and legumes, as well as a low level of processed and refined foods sugars as well as red meat, is particularly healthy.

Foods to eat that increase blood flow

All things start with nutrition. Certain food items increase circulation and help in achieving strong erections.

Be sure to add more variety to your diet with


Spinach is a great source of folate, which is a vitamin that is considered to be a blood booster. Folic acid levels that are low in the blood can be associated with erectile dysfunction.

Also, spinach is rich in magnesium, which could boost circulation to pelvic regions, and increase testosterone levels.

Foods that can be eaten to boost blood flow

All things start with nutrition. Certain food items increase the flow of blood and help in achieving strong erections.

Be sure to add more variety to your diet with

Dark Chocolate

This chocolate dessert has many advantages. It’s packed with flavanols that are known for their benefits in boosting blood circulation. But, there’s more. These nutrients can help in lowering blood pressure.

Regular consumption of healthy foods helps the body produce more nitric Oxide and increases penis blood flow. Due to the increased flow of blood into the penis, it’s easier to control how you feel sexually.

This is why you will see dark chocolate in ED medications. In its pure shape, it could be a good choice to treat penile problems.


Sugar is glucose, which needs insulin in order to be an energy source for cells. Continuously high levels of blood glucose could lead to an increase in insulin production and can result in metabolic diseases, diabetes, and eventually a negative effect on the flow of blood.

Find More Workout

Exercise is among the most effective methods to increase your heart health as well as increase blood flow, which includes the tissues in your penis which helps you achieve and keep an erection in sexual activity.

Regular exercise can result in lower blood pressure, while also promoting healthy circulation and improving your general health. It is therefore vital to regularly exercise even if you’re not worried about your sexual health.

The reason that cardio training is so crucial is the fact that it plays on a man’s capability to keep or get a sexual erection.

If you’re unsure of what you should do, speak to an expert trainer who can suggest exercises that will increase penis blood flow naturally.

Physical exercise also aids in weight reduction. A healthy weight is associated with more blood flow. This means that physical exercise can aid in resolving the root causes of men’s erectile issues.


While a number of vitamins could aid in circulation and blood flow, however, only a few have been proven to improve the flow of blood to the penis. A few studies suggest that several individuals suffering from ED are also lacking Vitamin D. In these cases, taking supplements might aid. However, some studies do not show any connection between the levels of D and ED.

  • Vitamin D Low amounts of vitamin D can be associated with Erectile disorder. Vitamin D from the sunshine can help treat ED by increasing the flow of blood to the penis region. Vitamin D intake also aids in testosterone production.
  • Vitamin B folate, also known as vitamin B9 as well as other Vitamins B complex is good for your blood. A diet rich in B-complex vitamins makes it easier to control Erectile dysfunction.
  • Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals as well as the oxidative stress that they create. The antioxidant function is the reason for the advantages of Vitamin E for ED.
  • Vitamin C is a biological pathway to release nitric Oxide which is crucial to improve blood flow.
  • Iron Low levels of iron could cause anemia, which causes issues with erectile function.


A proper flow of blood is essential for erections that are strong and long-lasting. Issues with blood flow could also contribute to issues with erectile function.

Many people suffering from erectile dysfunction are looking for natural solutions in order to have their sexual issues taken care of. A few changes in diet could help improve the flow of blood and overall sexual performance.

Yet, many doctors will advise you that addressing chronic health conditions such as diabetes or obesity often improves the function of the erectile.

For most males, erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra as well as Cialis are an excellent choice. They’re more affordable than ever because of generic versions of each and Rex MD offers the entire range and can be delivered right to your doorstep when appropriate.

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