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Tazzle 20 mg medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. The treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men is Tazzle 20 mg Medicine. Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in which a man cannot conceive and maintain a satisfactory penile erection for sex.

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Brand Tadalafilse
Manufacturers Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (India)
Generic Name Tadalafil
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days

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Introduction to Tazzle 20 mg

Tazzle 20 mg tablet can be used to treat erectile disorder.

This is when a man experiences difficulties in getting and/or maintaining a strong erection that allows for sexual intercourse.

It can also be used for the treatment of urinary symptoms due to an increased size of the prostate gland.

This gland is located below the bladder and produces fluid to transport and nourish the sperm.

Tazzle 20 mg tablet works by relaxing blood vessels in the penis. This increases blood flow to the penis.

This medicine is also effective in relieving symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate gland.

Side effects that Tazzle 20 mg (Tadalafil) tablet can cause include headache, back pain, and muscle aches.

Pain in the arms and legs may also occur. Most side effects are temporary and will disappear with time.

Talk to your doctor if you experience any side effects that persist or worsen.

About Tazzle 20 mg

Tazzle 20 mg tablets are safe to be taken with or without food.

Your doctor will decide the dosage and duration of treatment, based on your clinical condition.

Tazzle 20 mg tablet should not be taken before having a period.

If you are sexually stimulated, this medication will not help you achieve or maintain an erection.

You should not take more than the recommended dose.

If you are allergic to Tazzle 20 mg tablet it is not recommended.

Tell your doctor if there are any health problems such as liver, heart, or kidney disease and if you are currently taking any medications.

How Tazzle 20mg does work?

Tazzle 20 mg helps to relax blood vessels and allow blood to flow into the penis.

What is Tazzle 20 mg tablet for?

Erectile dysfunction

      • Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is a condition where a man cannot achieve or maintain a sexual erection.
      • This occurs when there is decreased blood flow to the penis.
      • It could result from physical injuries or disorders, as well as psychological conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression.
      • Ed can also be caused by chronic lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking, and obesity.
      • For the treatment of erectile problems, Tazzle 20mg tablet can be used.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

      • Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), is a benign, non-cancerous growth in the prostate gland.
      • This gland is about the size of a walnut and secretes fluid that transports the sperm.
      • A larger prostate can lead to problems such as frequent urination or a weak urine stream.
      • BPH symptoms can be treated with Tazzle 20 mg tablet.

Warnings and precautions


Tazzle 20 mg is not recommended for pregnant women unless it is necessary. Discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor.


Tazzle 20mg should not be used by breastfeeding mothers. Discuss the risks and benefits of Tazzle 20 mg with your doctor.

Driving machines and using them

It is important to not drive or use any machinery while you are taking this medication. You may feel dizzy.


It is not advised to consume alcohol while you are receiving treatment with Tazzle 20 mg. This may increase the chance of dizziness.


Tazzle 20 mg should only be used in patients with active kidney diseases. Consult your doctor for advice.


Tazzle 20 mg should only be used in patients with impaired liver function or liver diseases. Consult your doctor for advice.


You should not take tadalafil if you have an allergy (hypersensitive).

Heart disease

Tazzle 20 mg shouldn’t be taken if you have heart disease, or have recently suffered from a heart attack. Consult your doctor for advice.


    • Tell your doctor if there are any medical conditions.
    • Low blood pressure or high blood pressure that is not controlled
    • Sickle cell anemia
    • Multiple myeloma, also known as cancer of the bone marrow, is a form of multiple myeloma.
    • Leukemia (cancer in the blood cells)
    • Any deformation of the penis


    • If you have taken, or are about to take, any other medications, even those that were not prescribed, tell your doctor.
    • Nitrates
    • Alpha-blocker (used in the treatment of high blood pressure or other symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia)
    • Rancagua is used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension
    • 5-alpha reductase inhibits (used to treat benign prostate hyperplasia).
    • Ketoconazole (used for fungal infections treatment)
    • Protease inhibitors (used to treat HIV infection or aids)
    • The following medications are used to treat seizures: phenobarbital and phenytoin.
    • Itraconazole, clarithromycin, erythromycin, or clarithromycin
    • Other remedies for erectile problems

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Side Effects


    • Allergic reactions like rashes
    • Chest pain
    • Priapism
    • Sudden loss of sight


    • Headache
    • Back pain
    • Muscle aches
    • Arm and leg pain
    • Facial flushing
    • Nasal congestion
    • Indigestion


    • Seizures, memory loss, and swelling of the eyes can cause severe symptoms.
    • Hear loss, hearing loss, hives, and penile bleeding
    • Blood in the semen and more sweating

How to manage effects from the side?


Do not eat spicy or rich foods. Stick to regular, simple meals.


Place cold water or a hot water bag on your forehead. You can rest in a dark, quiet room. You can drink tea or coffee.

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How much time does it take for the medicine to kick in?

Tazzle 20mg tablet’s effects can be seen within 30 to 60 minutes.

How much time do the effects last?

Tazzle 20 mg tablet’s effects can last up to 36 hours.

Is alcohol safe while taking this medicine?

Tazzle 20mg tablet treatment should be avoided as alcohol can lower blood pressure.

It is possible to experience headaches, dizziness, or light-headedness, as well as fainting and changes in a heartbeat.

Does this constitute a habit-forming medication?

Tazzle 20 mg tablet has not been reported to exhibit any habit-forming tendencies.

Can this medication be taken during pregnancy?

Tazzle 20mg tablet should not be used by pregnant women.

Is this medication safe to take while breastfeeding?

The Tazzle 20 mg tablet should not be used by breastfeeding women.

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