Fildena 25mg (Sildenafil Citrate 25mg)

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Fildena 25mg Erectile Dysfunction treating pills were developed by the company Fortune Health Care Ltd. This medication is beneficial to men who are suffering from penile discontent and allows them to achieve and maintain an erection over an extended period of time to make the experience of engaging in sexual activity more enjoyable.

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Brand viagra
Manufacturers Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd (India)
Generic Name Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 10-20 Days

Available Pack Size For Fildena 25


What’s Fildena 25 mg?

Fildena 25mg is a medication similar to other erectile-disorder pills, but with minor side effects, which are seldom reported.

The powerful stabilizers that are used in this medication ensure the overall health of the patient and help to reduce minor problems.

The Fildena 25mg products are not recommended to be used together with other ED pills since the effects of the drug are restricted, and could harm the health of patients.

The drug has a beautiful appearance that will be acknowledged by the most significant portion of patients. It is superior by itself and there’s no reason why you should combine it with other ED to increase the number of sexual erections.

Fildena 25mg is recommended for patients or clients who are suffering from the negative effects of a nice rupture in their erection.

This will result in a steady improvement in penis erection and then after a few months, the patient may move up to 50 or 100 mg.

Composition of Fildena 25mg

Fildena 25 Mg is a medicine that contains one of the most important ingredients called sildenafil (as citrate).

Filldena 25mg Uses

The Fildena 25 mg tablet is taken by people suffering from ED. This medicine helps to regulate the circulation of blood through the vines.

How do I take Fildena 25 mg?

Follow the directions of your physician only with water. Never mix The medication together with alcohol as it is not able to provide the desired results. It is best to avoid using this medication if you are on other medications since it can react with them and be harmful.

Take only just one tablet at going Never take two tablets without consulting your doctor.

What’s the Process of Fildena 25mg Work?

Fildena 25 works on the root reason for the issue. It relaxes the muscles of the individual and boosts blood flow to the vines in order to achieve an appropriate erection during the process.

Dosage Fildena 25 mg

The Fildena dosage is a prescription drug that can be purchased in a variety of qualities and options.

When it is taken when it is being treated, it is crucial to first gather information regarding its frequency and the extent of the infection since the severity and age of the condition varies between individuals.

Patients are advised to take the medicine at any time 30 minutes prior to having sex.

Missed dose

If you do not remember a particular portion of this tablet you may take it as soon as you remember it however, this tablet is not able to be taken a few seconds prior to having sexual activity.

It should have a reasonable time difference between these two doses. Do not mix the doses and do not overdose yourself since it can be dangerous and could risk your life.

Always consult a certified doctor in this situation.

Then, if you observe indications of the delayed erection as well as fatigue, see your primary doctor or talk to your local health-related crisis center.

Other Dose

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Fildena 150 | Fildena CT 100 Mg

Side consequences caused by Fildena 25

    • Afflicting a tense look
    • Diarrhea
    • Muscles hurt
    • Nosebleed
    • Heartburn
    • Headache
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Flushing
    • Hearing loss
    • Vision disturbances
    • Dizziness

Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase that is a well-known stabilizer found within Fildena 25Mg. The medication could be in conjunction with a variety of prescription medicines being used and can cause side reactions or could result in the medication not performing as it should.

If you’re considering using any nutrient, OTC medication, or supplements for nutrition at home it is recommended to talk with an expert at this time.

Drug interactions with Fildena 25mg

In the instance of a person who is suffering from a physical defect in the penis, it is a case of physical deformity penis.

Male who suffer from draining issues or active Peptic Ulceration.

Gents are afflicted with heart disease (e.g. congestive coronary ischemia, coronary collapse).

Men have suffered from conditions that resulted in constant erections. These include sickle cell disorder, multiple myeloma, or leukemia.

If he has liver disease.

Patients with the condition of renal impairment, retinitis pigmentosa, or other retinal diseases.

Warnings and Warnings


Avoid the consumption of alcohol when you are taking the substance.

Do not drive while taking the medication as it induces drowsiness.

People over 50 years old and the age of 50 should not take this drug since they are extremely sensitive to it.

Fildena 25 may not be suitable for children or women.

Hypotension, and heart disease patients with kidney diseases should consult their doctor prior to using Villena.

Grapefruit as well as its juices could delay the action of grapefruit.


Men should be cautious of taking ED medications if they have suffered from a myocardial infarction or stroke, etc.

If you experience a pain-free erection that lasts longer than 6 hours, it is recommended to discontinue taking this medication and talk to your physician.

Men should take this energy-sapping medication in moderation since an overdose could cause serious side effects that could require medical assistance.

Do not consume ED solutions since they could be harmful.

It is safe only for males who are over 18 years old.

Storage Data

The medicine can be stored quickly since it doesn’t require any specific temperature and can be stored at room temperature.

The only thing to be taken into consideration is to keep this out of the reach of pets and children.

General FAQs

What’s the proper dosage of Fildena 25 mg for me?

It is currently available in three different sizes, starting with a gentle and then a solid. Fildena 25 should be the initial stage for patients who are interested in trying it.

When and how often should I take Fildena 25 mg?

Fildena 25mg should be used on a week-to-week basis. In the beginning, based on the reaction of your body and the need, you may increase the frequency of your recurrence only after consulting with your physician.

Do I have the ability to burn Fildena in the event that I am currently predominantly taking various ED medications?

If you’ve stopped using other ED drugs and are ready to try Fildena 25, then you must offer a multi-week break. Do not mix it with any other ED medication or mix with any other medication.

Can patients having pre-discharge likewise take Fildena 25?

Fildena 25 acts as a drug to treat patients who are experiencing erectile breakage. In some cases, patients are suffering from erectile breakage also, since an untimely discharge may attempt to do this.

What do I do in the event I received an incorrect Fildena 25 dosage from a shop?

Contact the customer service department or assist the working area of the drug store online. If they can’t substitute for an unacceptable dosage, you could be able to contact us.

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