In 2022, what is the best ED treatment?

What is the definition of erectile dysfunction?

ED is described as the inability to obtain or maintain a sufficient erection for fulfilling sexual intercourse on a regular basis. The word “regular” is crucial here.

It’s natural for men to have trouble getting hard now and then, but when good erections become the exception rather than the rule, or when they simply stop happening, that’s ED – and it’s a sign of amazing wrong.

Although ED is inconvenient, it is usually not serious. ED, on the other hand, might be an indication of an undiscovered health issue such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or depression in roughly 20% of cases.

Perhaps another factor is at play, such as obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, certain drugs, stress, interpersonal issues, or hormone issues.

Your doctor will do a rare basic test to control if the cause of your ED is rescindable. If this is the case, resolving those factors may be sufficient to improve your ED without the usage of ED drugs.

Medications for ED are safe, available, and effective in 70% of instances, even if they aren’t quickly reversible.

Sildenafil (Viagra)

This medicine works best when occupied one hour before sex on an empty stomach. If you have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, it works for four to five hours or longer.

Millions of people all around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Approximately 30 million men in the United States suffer ED, according to Trusted Source.

The medication Malegra 25 is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

It is more common in men over the age of 75, but it can also affect men in their 20s.

Super kamagra is a brand-new therapy for erectile dysfunction. It begins working within 5-7 minutes, making it easier to get a successful erection.

ED symptoms include:

  • unable to obtain an erection
  • the inability to keep an erection for a long period of time
  • sexual drive is lessened

How to take it:

How to take it:  It’s best if you wait 1 to 2 hours after eating to take it. If you really can’t wait, try to eat something light and low-fat. Alcohol and fatty foods can make Viagra ineffective.

How quickly it works:

It can start working in as short as How quickly it works:  It then continues to work for another 3 to 5 hours.

Typical dose:

The typical starting dose is 50 mg. It can be reduced to 25 mg if you experience negative effects. It can be increased to 100 mg if it isn’t working properly.

Tadalafil (Cialis)

Another popular ED drug is tadalafil. Tadalafil, unlike sildenafil, can stay in the body for up to 36 hours, allowing men to become erect at any point throughout that period.

This drug is taken one to two hours before sex, with or without meals. It has a 36-hour duration of action. It can be taken once a day in a little dose or as needed in a bigger amount.

Men who require a long-acting medication to cure erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil is significantly more long-lasting than any other ED medicine, providing relief from ED for up to 36 hours with a usual dose.

For many males, it may linger longer than necessary. Because of the medication’s long duration of action, adverse effects may last longer than with other ED medications.

Cialis contains the active component tadalafil. In 2003, the FDA authorized it as an erectile dysfunction therapy. Tadalafil is well-known for its long-lasting effects, with a typical dose delivering up to 36 hours of ED treatment.

How to take it:

It can be taken only when necessary or on a daily basis.

How quickly it works:

Cialis stays in your system for around 17 hours, allowing you to get an erection at any time during that period.

Typical dose:

Cialis is usually taken at a dose of 10 mg once or twice a day for infrequent use. Depending on how you respond, you can reduce it to 5 mg or increase it to 20 mg. The recommended daily dose for long-term use is 2.5 mg.

Vardenafil (Levitra)

Levitra is the brand name for vardenafil, which is a generic drug. Levitra doses of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg have all been shown to be more effective than placebo, according to the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Approximately 69 percent of men who received vardenafil said it enhanced their erections, compared to only 26% of those who received a placebo. In research with 4374 individuals, 2660 of whom were given vardenafil, 50.4 percent reported side symptoms.

How to take it:

If feasible, wait for 1 to 2 hours after eating before taking it, but if that isn’t possible, eat a light, low-fat meal instead.

How fast it works:

It will then work for another 4 to 5 hours.

Typical dose:

Levitra is usually taken at a dose of 10 mg, to begin with. It can be reduced to 5 mg or increased to a maximum of 20 mg.

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