Suhagra: How to Use, Side-Effects, Dosage

Suhagra 100  is among the many medications available on the market to treat impotence. This is a condition that is prevalent among males.

The condition of impotence (Erectile disorder) is defined as the inability of having an erection for a male. Sometimes, men are affected by the inability to get an erection due to anxiety, stress, or anxiety.

However, if a person cannot get an erection after three months, even though he is being sexually stimulated frequently, it could be that he is experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Numerous factors could be the reason for the condition known as erectile dysfunction. A rare of them are recorded below

• Hormonal Deficiency
• Trauma
• Infections
• Degeneration
• Structural defects
• Tumors
• Disruption of blood flow
• Autoimmune disorders
• Stroke
• Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
• Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
• Subdural Hemorrhage
• Hematoma
• Extradural hemorrhage
• Meningitis
• Encephalitis
• Polio
• Epidural Abscess
• Injury to the spinal cord
• Bell’s palsy
• Cervical spondylosis
• Carpal Tunnel syndrome
• Brain tumors
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Guillain- Barre syndrome
• Epilepsy
• Neuralgia
• Parkinson Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
• Huntington chorea
• Alzheimer Disease
• A lack of blood supply to the penis
• Depression
• Anxiety
The condition of erectile dysfunction is not only a barrier that prevents men from living an enjoyable sex experience, however, but it also affects confidence in themselves and reduces the self-esteem of those affected.
There are, however, medicines such as Suhagra which can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The drugs do not cause lasting effects. It does help men get an erection when there is sexual stimulation.

How can Suhagra assist Men to treat their Erectile Dysfunction issues?

It is made up comprised of Sildenafil Citrate. Today, men aren’t able to get an erection as a result of the blockage of blood vessels in their penis. When an individual is sexually stimulated, blood flow is directed toward the male organ. However, if a man experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is not the case.

Sildenafil Citrate found in Suhagra helps to relax blood vessels, and there is a surge of blood toward the penis, and a male is able to get an intimate erection. But Suhagra doesn’t do anything when there is no sexual Arousal.

The Use and Dosage of Suhagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction

There are three main doses that are available in the market:

You can get dose guidelines through your physician’s health Suhagra 50 practitioner regarding the dosage and the use of Suhagra. To determine the reaction of your body to the medication the recommended dose for Suhagra usually is 50 mg.

When mg proves to be effective to you, then your physician will advise you to stick to using the dosage. However, if Suhagra 50 mg isn’t working for you, then your physician may reduce the dose down to Suhagra 25 mg, or increase the dosage by Sildenafil.

The highest dose you can consume of Suhagra during the day is 100 mg.
the tablet is taken orally, along with drinking water. It is only necessary to take Suhagra whenever you wish to indulge in sexual activities.
It’s more effective if you are taking Suhagra 30 minutes prior to when you are planning to have a sexual encounter.

The minimum time between doses of Suhagra can be 24 hours under no circumstance. Don’t repeat the dosage or take an overdose.
If you decide to take Suhagra following the heftiest meal, which is made up of a large amount of fat it takes a longer time to display its effects.
Alcohol consumption also reduces the efficacy of Suhagra.
It should not be cast off by anybody under 18 years old.

Medicines that work in conjunction in conjunction with are listed as follows

• Thrombolytic
• Riociguat
• Alpha-blockers
• Clarithromycin
• Itraconazole
• Nitrates
• HIV inhibitors of protease
• Amyl Nitride
• Butyl Nitrite
• Amyl Nitrate
• Boceprevir,
• Telaprevir
• Mifepristone
• Rifampin
• Isosorbide mononitrate
• Nitroglycerin
• Ritonavir
• Saquinavir
• Erythromycin
• Tamsulosin
• Doxazosin
These are only a handful of the numerous medications that could interfere with Suhagra. We suggest that you discuss every prescription and non-prescription medication you take with your health care professional.

Common side-effects following the usage of Suhagra can be

• The skin is red
• Nausea
• Back discomfort
• Headaches
• Stomachaches
• Dizziness
• Color vision deficiency
• Diarrhea

The most serious side-effects that can occur following the use of Suhagra can include the following

• Priapism
• Hearing loss
• Loss of Eyesight
Take note of your body’s response and note whether your body is showing any negative reactions because of the use of Sildenafil. The body may not display the same symptoms that are listed in the previous paragraphs. So, if you notice something out of place regarding the effects of medications on your particular body part, consult your doctor immediately.

Storage Guidelines for Suhagra 25 Mg

After removing your tablet from its original packaging, you should consume it right away. A dry area in a room temperature is enough for storage.
Find a spot that isn’t easily accessible by your children as well as your pets.